A unique animal encounter to remember… Right here in North San Diego County.

Nurtured by Nature is located in the rural hills of Valley Center, CA where you will go behind the scenes for a unique animal encounter with some of the planet's most fascinating exotic creatures. We offer otter swim and animal encounters to the public by reservation that are available year round.

We are now completely booked for the rest of 2016 and 2017 and most likely will not see very many cancellations. There is no 2018 waiting list for the otter SWIM encounters NOR DO WE HAVE A DATE THAT THE 2018 CALENDAR WILL BE AVAILBLE, so we recommend that you check the online calendar often so that if someone does cancel, you can book the spot at that time. The calendar will not give you access unless a cancellation has occurred and that date is still available.

Because we have had such a huge interest in reservations, we've decided to start a WAITLIST FOR ALTERNATIVE OTTER ENCOUNTERS. You can put your name on a waiting list for this ALTERNATIVE program that does not involve swimming with otters that we are in the process of devolping. We can not guarantee that an earlier date will become available, but we're trying to come up with another program that is still fun, interactive, and engaging, but less direct contact and non-swimming. This program will simultaneously provide enrichment, exercise, and entertainment for the otters. All of our programs are voluntary for the otters and if we do too many swim encounters then the otters no longer enjoy it and it can become a undesirable situation. Your safety and our otters' welfare are our two top priorities and this is why this type of interaction is not available on a huge commercial scale. The schedule next year is based on that and making sure that we keep availability for the Make-A-Wish kids as well.

Prices for our otter/animal encounters are $300 per person and scheduling depends on availability. Due to extremely high demand, at this time we are only able to offer the free encounters to qualifying children visiting us through Make-A-Wish Foundation.



During the three hour guided tour you will be in the pool with a group of playful otters who will be as fascinated by you as you are by them! Laugh, giggle and have a whole lot of fun as you encounter these magical creatures like never before and gain an amazing insight into the species. You'll also have an opportunity to meet, feed and/or directly interact with a variety of other incredible creatures such as a kangaroo, sloth, armadillo, porcupine, lemurs and more. This is a wildlife experience like no other that puts you right in the center of the action with exotic creatures. You'll take home a permanent grin and memories to last a whole lifetime.

Our maximum group size is generally 8 people and the entire program is outdoors (some shade, some sun). We do not have a viewing only area so anyone who is on property would need to pay for the encounter.

Based on our past experience we have changed our minimum age for public encounters to 18 years of age. We do not recommend the program to anyone who is afraid of animals or is highly active and/or unable to calmly follow instruction. All guests must sign the facility waiver when visiting Nurtured by Nature.

Payment in advance is necessary to reserve your space in the encounter. To make your reservation, please click the days that you are interested in on the calendar below to check availability and reserve your spots in the encounter.

If for some reason you need to cancel or reschedule, we provide a full refund if notice is received at least 7 days in advance of your reserved date. After that time we are unable to offer refunds or no-charge reschedules. This refund policy applies only to the regular public otter swim encounters. Founder and Major Contributor otter swim encounter donations are considered a donation, not a program fee. Donations are non-refundable.

If the forecast is for inclement weather, we will still continue with encounters unless there is extremely bad weather, in which case we will contact you the day before the program to reschedule.

Proceeds from our public otter swim encounters go directly towards caring for our animals and funding the free programs provided to qualifying children visiting from organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Items to bring with you on the day of your visit?
Bathing suit
• Towels/Change of clothes
• Drinking water
• Clothing appropriate for the weather and what you would wear for an easy hike
• Cameras are encouraged for the animal interactions

Items to avoid bringing around the animals
• Any loose jewelry, necklaces, earrings. A place to store your personal belongings will be provided.

New Animal Encounters, Expansion, and Donations


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