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In an additional effort to raise funds to support our program, NbN is developing an otterly outrageous animal encounter program for paying patrons!  The cost will be a donation of $150 per person and guests will be treated to an approximately 2 hour encounter with our furry (or poky) friends!  Weather permitting (or once we have our new heated otter swim pool) we will also include otter swims!  Time and space is limited, so it will be by reservation only.  Anyone interested can contact us at the link below. 

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Nurtured by Nature

Dear Friends, 

Hello to all of our Nurtured by Nature friends and supporters!  Welcome to our first newsletter for 2011!  We've been busy taking care of critters, building new relationships, and fundraising to continue to achieve our goals.  Thanks to all for everything that you do to help and support us!  Read on to find out what we've been up to and what we are looking forward to!  


Kevin, Wendy and all of us at Nurtured by Nature!

Nurtured by Nature, WineStyles, & Mutt Lynch Wineries Fundraiser

WineStyles fundraiser Last Fall, Nurtured by Nature partnered with WineStyles of Encinitas & Mutt Lynch Wineries for our first official fundraiser!  It was an intimate event that we think all would say was a great success!  WineStyles provided a beautiful tasting room that approximately 40 people were able to taste seven different Mutt Lynch Wines.  Chewy, our two toed sloth, greeted everyone at the door and we gave away some fun prizes through the raffle.  All proceeds were donated to Nurtured by Nature.


WineStyles - Encinitas

Mutt Lynch Winery


United Way Contributions

Many of you work for companies that hold annual United Way donation campaigns.  Recently we have discovered that Nurtured by Nature can be a write in contribution through United Way!  We are currently working on having our organization placed on the list of organizations that can receive donations, but in the mean time, you can write in Nurtured by Nature with the information listed below! 


Nurtured by Nature

P. O. Box 1675

Valley Center, CA  92082

contact:  Wendy Yates




Exciting news for us!!  The more funds that we can raise, the more kids that we can provide our awesome animal programs to!   

Oliver & otters

We have a new puppy named Oliver!  He LOVES to wrestle with Sebastian and Sebastian LOVES to wrestle with Oliver!


United Way San Diego

New Website and Facebook page!

Yeah!  It's finally here!  Our new website is up and running!  You will be able to look at more of what we have been doing, new pictures (recently donated to us from Side by Side Photography), updates on which children's organizations we are currently working with, and what new projects are on the schedule!  Please take a look and let us know what you think!  If you would like anything else mentioned on our website, send us an email and we will try to include it!   


We've also updated our Facebook page and welcome you to come take a look at it!  Often we post updates as they happen on our Facebook page first and then highlight those events monthly on our website.   


Nurtured by Nature


Find us on Facebook 


Recently Nurtured by Nature brought some of our animal friends to Rincon Head Start in Pauma Valley.  The Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians recently contributed a generous $1000 to NbN so we thought it would be a nice thank you and great way to build a new friendship by visiting their wonderful school!  


The beginning of this year NbN also received an additional outstanding donation of $1000 from the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians.  We are so thankful for their support and are happy to announce that with these donations we have been able to move forward on our plans to update our otter swim area!  We have already graded the area, purchased the new pool, and are ready to assemble the pool and build the wheelchair accessible deck to make our otter swim available to as many deserving kids as possible!   


We are also very excited to announce that we have a new schedule planned with Starlight Children's Foundation as a part of their Great Escapes program!  Every month, for the rest of this year, Starlight families will have the opportunity to play, swim, learn about, and interact with NbN animals.   


Of course we couldn't do it without the help of our wonderful volunteers and donors!  We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our most recent supporters:


Lisa & Josh Nelson

Chris & Diane Fairchild

Danielle & Jared (Side by Side Photography)

WineStyles of Encinitas

Mutt Lynch Winery

Monique & Laura

Missy West

Marylee Ferranti

Ronnie & Barbara Edell

Robyn Hima (City of Hope)

Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians

San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians 

Verle Yoder (website hosting) (Sterling Productions




Thanks again for taking the time to look at our newsletter and hopefully we've inspired you to get involved, donate, volunteer or simply pass this along to all of your friends! 

Kevin & Wendy Yates
Nurtured by Nature


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baby dillos

~ The baby armadillos are popping out like crazy!  We have 5 different species of armadillos at NbN and recently two different species have started giving birth!  This is exciting news, especially because the mamas look like they are taking care of the babies so far!  Other facilities have had difficulties raising baby dillos so we're keeping our fingers crossed that we are successful!  Not so cute when they're first born (actually pretty ugly), but getting cuter as they get bigger! ~


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Nurtured by Nature | P.O. Box 1675 | Valley Center, CA 92082 All Rights Reserved.
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