Comments from people who have visited Nurtured by Nature

"We had an amazing time. The kids were so excited to come and the day exceeded all expectations. We are so grateful to be able to come here and experience this. Thank you very much! The otters were amazing and so gentle they ran all over the kids and they loved it! Thank you for helping Finley with her sensitivity to smell. You were so thoughtful!"
— The Barton Family 7/9/11

"Thank you so very much for inviting us into your "Amazing World". This is an experience most people Dream of and never get the chance to enjoy. All through Juliet's treatment she said how when she grew up she dreamed of becoming an Animal trainer and that is still what she hopes for.
Thank you for letting her become a Junior Animal trainer for a day."
— The Marlin Family 8/6/11

"Thanks so much for the fun day & introducing us to your animal friends. You were so patient & great w/a timid & shy - apprehensive little girl. We definitely hope to be back w/the rest of our family. What a joy, blessing and a gift you are. Can't wait to see you next time. Many blessings."
— Desiree & Izzy 9/3/11

"Today has been amazing! We very much appreciate your family allowing us to come into your home and experience the animals that you take care of.
Thank you for brightening our weekend and lifting the spirits of the boys. Living with Cystic Fibrosis & Alpha1 Antitrypsin is challenging most days."
— The Russo Family 9/3/11





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