First of all we would like it to be known that Nurtured by Nature is extraordinarily grateful for your support! Because of the overwhelming demand for our programs, we are sold out through the end of 2017, and have thousands of people asking to book additional programs. We have been having many tough discussions with the members of our Board of Directors regarding future plans for expansion, otter conservation, and supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our priority is always your safety, the animalsf health and welfare, as well as meeting our mission statement of helping children in need. It is also important to us to begin raising funds for otter conservation in their native habitats and awareness for their plight throughout the world.

With this in mind, we have decided to expand our operation slowly, with the biggest challenge being raising funds. Currently everything that Nurtured by Nature does is paid for by money raised by the otter swims and a very few donations (for which we are extremely grateful). All funds are being completely utilized. The founders, Kevin and Wendy Yates, and their awesome volunteers supply the rest of the support.

We do not want to get so big that we are not personally in touch with every aspect of what we do, because this is what keeps us connected, especially with our animalsf health and well being, as well as volunteers and guests. Also we do not believe you can do quality encounters with wildlife on a large commercial scale.


We have decided to tackle this growth challenge in 2 phases. The first is to create an additional otter encounter that would include all of the other animal interactions but change the way this new program interacts with the otters. The goal being to create an otter play--]land where a small group of guests, which can include children over the age of 7 years old, would interact with our groups of otters outside of the pool in a safe and fun manner that is extremely fun and enriching for the otters. In the beginning, this would allow us to raise the current number of programs in 2017 from 104 programs (832 guests) to 156 programs (1248 guests) per year.

There will be expenses associated with building the new otter playground, including, but not limited to, construction costs, additional staff, insurance increases, workmanfsf comp, animal housing and care, and veterinary services.

We have decided that the best use of the remaining PRIVATE SWIMS available for 2017 would be to begin a new DONOR FUNDRAISING project for which all the money earned would go to this otter playground, programs for children in need, conservation, labor and general expansion upgrades. This would entail that donors at various levels would receive special privileges or rewards as follows:

$5,000 FOUNDER
• Otter swim encounter for 8 people
• Catered lunch for up to 8 on encounter day
• Painting made by one of our resident otters
• Adopth an otter w/adoption certificate
• 1 Founder engraved paver on our founder memorial walkway
• Recognition on our website
*****Current fair market value for Founder level = approximately $2,281

• Otter swim encounter for one person to join a group
• Catered lunch for 1 guest on encounter day
• Painting made by one of our resident otters
• NbN T-Shirt
• Recognition on our website
****Current fair market value for Major Contributor level = approximately $340

A portion of your donation should be tax deductible based on fair market value of services/items received, please check with your tax specialist for assistance. We would also like to invite generous donors to fund future projects and are open to suggestions. Founder and Major Contributor otter swim encounter donations are considered a donation, not a program fee. Donations are non-refundable.


We have currently invested our personal life savings for a down payment on a 5--]acre facility in the country with a large central building, parking for at least 50 vehicles, and large bathroom facilities. If all goes as planned, this will be our future, but we feel very strongly about expanding wisely, slowly, and keeping this a quality experience by reservation only.

Again, thank you so much for your support and patience and remember this is first about providing uplifting experiences to children in need and otter conservation, rather than providing the masses with animal encounters.

With kindest regards,
Kevin Yates President


This year a few of our guests took advantage of their company's matching funds program. If you visited Nurtured by Nature (or plan to) we sure would appreciate it if you inquired with your employer to see if they will match funds given to NbN for the otter swim under our 501c3. Thank you all so much for your support!!

Nurtured by Nature couldn't exist without our volunteers who are devoted to helping us take care of our furry friends so that they are healthy, happy, and ready to play! If you would like to learn more about volunteering please click here for Volunteer Application or contact us and tell us about yourself.

Donate Items
Because we are a nonprofit organization, we can always use donated items to help us care for our animals and provide this fantastic experience to as many children as possible.
Below is a partial list of ongoing items that we could use:
- used towels
- computer ink. paper, office supplies
- paper towels & paper food trays (from Smart N Final)
- pool supplies (to maintain otter swim pool)
- Nurtured by Nature t-shirts to give to children & volunteers
- fruits & vegis for the animals to eat
- Mazuri pelleted exotic animal food (from Armstrong Feed Store, Valley Center)

Love kids? Love animals? Your contributions are invaluable and enable us to realize our mission to create profound and meaningful experiences for kids. The quickest way to donate is via our Pay Pal account.
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We've teamed up with Ralph's Community Reinvestment Program and they have made it easy for Ralphs to donate a portion of your sales receipts to Nurtured by Nature!  Simply follow the instructions below and help out a good cause without spending any extra money! 

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