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Why Swim With Otters?

Nurtured By Nature and Animal Educators is committed to fostering a love for animals through interactive programs, which bring the public face to face with unique animals, in a safe and controlled environment. It is only through a bond with our planets animals that we, as co-dwellers, will feel a heightened sense of responsibility to ensure their preservation.

The purpose of Nurtured By Nature is to:

  • Foster hope and well being to children with life threatening to terminal illness through physical interactions with nature.
  • Promote a healthy life outlook and healing for children who have suffered severe emotional trauma through physical interactions with nature.
  • Inspire a bond between humankind and animals, promoting preservation.
  • Create innovative and sustainable conservation projects.

The purpose of Animal Educators is to:

  • Provide a foundation for our employees, and for the care and wellbeing of our charges, in a way that is sustainable and beneficial for both.
  • Animal Educators is the provider of most of the opportunities and funding used by Nurtured by Nature