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Team Members

Team Members

Who We Are

These are the smiling faces that make Nurtured by Nature run smooth. We love our keepers, and our animals love them even more. There aren’t a lot of us, but we are a dedicated team and hope that we see you soon. Feel free to call us by name, we love it!

Kevin Yates

President & Founder of Animal Educators & Nurtured by Nature, Animal Curator, Program Host, Board Member

Kevin has been involved with animal care for most of his life. His parents, Todd & Glenda Yates, encouraged his interest in animals from a young age. That interest as a child transformed into a career and Kevin has worked in both the Elephant and Mammal department for the San Diego Zoological Society for over 28 years and more than 30 years leading Animal Educators.

Wendy Yates

Secretary and Treasurer, Co-Founder, Correspondence, Social Media, Program Host, Board Member of Nurtured by Nature, Co-owner of Animal Educators

Wendy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Stetson University. Wendy supports the NBN organization with her knowledge and customer service skills developed from her 25 years of financial and business experience for various banking entities in Florida and Southern California. She bottle raises animal babies, handles all office work & bookkeeping, social media correspondence, and is a program host for Nurtured by Nature.

Brittani Durban

Nurtured by Nature/Animal Educators Lead Keeper, Animal Care Supervisor, Program Host

Brittani has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University San Marcos. She started at Nurtured By Nature/Animal Educators as a volunteer right out of high school and has worked her way up to her supervisor position, in charge of animal collections, husbandry, and facilities. Brittani also helps host Nurtured by Nature’s interactive programs and brings with her the experience she gained from doing an international internship at the Australia Zoo, working at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park, volunteering for the Feral Cat Coalition, and running her own animal rescue from her home.

Sarah Stuck

Nurtured By Nature/Animal Educators On-site Keeper, Volunteer Supervisor/Coordinator, Program Host

Sarah has a B.S. in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College. She is the on-site keeper for Nurtured by Nature, assisting with animal husbandry and socialization of animals.  She is in charge of volunteer management, our Xenarthra breeding program, and helps host our interactive programs. Sarah has volunteered at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park as an interpretive volunteer at the cheetah exhibit, and has participated in birth watches for the African elephants and gorillas. She has also volunteered at the Project Wildlife care center, helping to care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.